Saturday, January 31, 2009


The holidays, it was harder than I thought to be away from all you that i love....but then Mamie, Tati, and Dave came to visit!


Visited Granada, a neighboring city I think in this case the pictures will speak louder than my words (well maybe one, ALHAMBRA)....

I saw Lizz Wright in concert...very good!

amazing yummy food,

and beautiful sunrises....

last few months of 08 in a..."blog-shell"

OCTOBER: Weddings and Coffee We held a wedding ceremony and reception here at the hotel, very nice with the views and of course the relentless sun.

I was invited to my co-worker Jonathan's wedding, my first Spanish wedding, it was unbelievably windy that day. The ceremony was held in an Arabic castle on the beach, it lasted only 16 minutes and I loved that it was sooo short!

Went to the beach in my bathing suit for the last time before it got..."cold"

Learned that even Burger King serves CERVEZA in Spain and Dunkin Donuts is called Dunkin Coffee....