Friday, September 19, 2008

Malaga, first days...

On my second week here but feel the need to share a little of my first week which feels both as if it flew by and that I’ve been away from home for a long time. Its definitely true that Spaniards are warm and nice people. Its has made my time here so far much easier to adapt to.

I know why its called Costa del Sol, its been beautiful and sunny since I arrived, with rain (drizzle actually) today for the first time. The people are also sunny in the sense that everyone always seems to be in a good mood, relaxed and in no rush for anything. I love it!

I arrived with no voice and somewhat sore throat that became worse by my second night. On the 3rd day I went to the hospital because I do not have a doctor here yet and even the staff at the hospital were nice and extremely helpful. What amazed me however was that they took ex-rays of my chest to make sure there was nothing wrong and gave me a copy of it. I have never had ex-rays taken before, none the less been asked to have a copy. Im much better now by the way and felt better an hour after leaving the doctor because they gave me an injection…..

The hotel is very quiet and nice, here are some random shots of it.

The guests here are very friendly and I’ve already made some friends among them. My room is in a villa separate from the main building of the hotel. This annex is used for more long term gues

ts. Here are some shots of my room and the amazing view from my patio (yes that is the moon!!!!!!!).

The beaches.....of course different than what I've experienced before but still the beach and I love them. I've been to two so far

La Malaqueta (local beach right in downtown Malaga):

El Palo (neighboring town to the East of Malaga):


Óscar (Sesame Street) said...

Málaga, the best place in the world. Sun, beach, drink...
Just a problem: There´s not handsome boys.

MyD said...

All I can say is AMAZING.

PS... you should frame your x-rays :)