Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Much ado about nothing if you ask me, this manneken-pis. I was amazed to see people lined up to see this little boy and his pee. Apparently he managed to extinguish fires that were theatening Belgium with his pis - and now he's famous.

Something that did manage to catch my eye is the statue below. I can not remember the name of it but its gorgeous! It is supposed to bring luck and wishes come true to anyone who touches it. My friend thinks its just a good way to get germs - but u better believe I rubbed it and WISHED...... I also visited Parc de Bruxelles (the equivalent of Central Park of NYC). It was very quiet, as Im learning all of Brussels is. Mostly there were people going home from work walking through it. Now that I realize this parc seems more romantic....

I fell in love with this ad about latino culture. If you look closely the woman looks like my mother when she was younger.


EnidP said...

The peeing boy...interesting.
The gold statue... is that gold they stole from the congo...
Is it Jesus?
I can see the face on the billboard but I can see the silhouette, but the silhouette looks like your mom.


Zaza said...

Hah, my parents have a whiskey bottle thing that has the boy peeing....he pees the whiskey into your glass!
The latino ad is cool...if you look close, it is overlayed on a different pic...the background has parked cars and a man walking. I like. It shows more in the black silhouettes.

MertMengelmier said...

Mannequin Piss is also responsible for World War II. If you want to know more, read, "Mannequin Piss: A Series of Ridiculously Improbably Events."